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Meet our Animals


Canis familaris dingo


With almost cat-like stealth and prowess, Simba is a favourite of the Wild Action Team. Although no 'push-over' Simba has a very relaxed and 'chilled' demeanour (most of the time!).

We have no need for a burglar alarm, as Simba is always the first to howl at night when there is an unexpected guest. No one ever goes unnoticed with Simba's keen senses.

Simba spends his day hanging out with Sister 'Sox'. These two dingoes are inseparable! Their favourite pastime is to stroll through the bush on a lead with their keeper, and get the chance to roll in wild animal poo, Sniff game trails and swim in the creek….now that is dingo heaven.


Laughing kookaburra

Dacelo novaehollandiae


This is one amazing bird. Having hatched in Zoologist Chris Humfrey's hand, 'Chucky' now laughs on cue win Chris laughs. Chucky thinks he's part of the Humfrey family!
Laughing kookaburras are the largest kingfisher in the World, and when they laugh….they aren't telling you a bad joke…they are actually being territorial and vocalising their home turf.

Salt-water crocodile

Crocodylus porosus


The World's largest growing extant reptile. The largest recorded 'saltie' was measured at 8.6 meters! Crocodiles can live more than 100 years. Julius is one of our more 'beautiful' crocodiles. Known as a 'blonde' crocodile, he most probably would not have survived in his natural habitat. His dashing colours as a hatchling would have made him easy prey for a black-necked stork or white-breasted sea eagle.

His favourite food is mice-poles, quail and the odd bit of fresh-water crayfish. Expensive tastes indeed. Julius 'sports' three eye-lids on each eye, so he has no need for goggles when he swims in the swimming pool. His third eye-lid known as a nictitating membrane, acts like windscreen wipers to keep his eyes clear from dirt and grime. With sixty-six teeth, Julius has no need to brush his teeth, when they fall out they grow back again and again and again….poor old tooth fairy eh!

Fond of a constant temperature above thirty degrees celcius. Julius' life at Wild Action Zoo is analogous to Club Med. He adores his UVB sun lamp, balmy water conditions and a secluded pool for his own personal use.

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